The Ink World

The Ink world is what I call the world in which the Ink Born, and Hidden Alchemy series are set. The Sacrificial Magic series will be set there too in 2018.

What is the Ink world?

In short, it’s a huge Urban Fantasy kitchen sink world.

That means it has everything. There are over twenty types of magic, and every mythological creature and being I can think of.

Magic types include, but are not limited to:

  • Tattoo magic – as shown by Dacian, the protagonist in the Ink Born books.
  • Alchemy – as shown by Kaitlyn, the protagonist in the Hidden Alchemy books.
  • Blood magic – as shown by Leona, the protagonist in the Sacrificial Magic books (to come 2018).
  • Dream magic.
  • Elemental magic.
  • And many more.

Mythological and magical beings include, but are not limited to:

  • Elves of many forms.
  • Pixies.
  • Puka/pookah
  • Phoenixes
  • Gryphons
  • Dragons
  • Crocotta
  • And many more.

The history:

A good while before any of the series start the magical plane and the earth plane as we know it, were joined. Prior to that magic was rare on the earth plane and mostly limited to fae that enjoyed slipping through and well, being themselves and causing trouble. No one knows exactly what happened, they just know that they woke up one day to find magic was a normal part of life. As was all the magical beings that came with it, elves, incubi, shifters, and so on.

That led to the vast majority of the world being reasonably high magic, although some cities came fully formed from the magic plane. Wildrun being one such city, that’s where Stolen Ink starts. Other cities however never gained any magic and remained very closed to magic, Aberdeen in Scotland being an example.

Each series set in the Ink world has a different tone, and focuses on a different form of magic, thus a different part of the world.