Recommended Services.

I’ve had a few people approach me and ask who my editor, cover artist, and book formatters are. So here they are!


Michael Keenan of The Editing Hart. Can be found on Twitter: @MKeenanEditor  – I keep him really busy so editing slots are usually booked a few months out. He’s worth every penny and I’m more than happy to give him a shining testimonial.

Cover artist:

Lou Harper of Harper Design: Website.

I wouldn’t even think of going to anyone else. Lou’s an absolute professional and I squee with glee every time I get a new cover from her.

Book formatting: 

Mark Gardner of Article 94: Website

I couldn’t be happier with Mark’s formatting. He made the interior of my books so pretty! I really wouldn’t have put the Ink Born series into print if he hadn’t have formatted them for me.