Blood of the Wolf blurb TWO

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Eight years ago, I endured a blood ritual that took me from a pretty normal guy and turned me into what I am today: a made wolf shifter. Ever since, I’ve been looking for ways to make the world a better place. I want to save people, to make sure they never suffer like I did.

When I found out someone had been murdering born wolf shifters and using them in brutal rituals. I leapt at the chance to stop them and save lives, but of course it came with a catch. I have to work with a Guardian, one of the goddess’s chosen wolves. On one hand, he’s everything I look for in a man. On the other, if he finds out who and what I am, death will be a sweet release from the torture I’ll endure.

I have no choice but to hope the goddess is on my side as I rush to save the lives of the born wolf shifters, all the while praying I don’t lose my own life in the process.


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