The Shadow & The Thief.

I need a fun project, something written purely for my own entertainment. I’ve been trying to write one for a few months now and you know what, I think I’ve finally got one! As I’m a storyteller and I write for an audience, I’m sharing it with you 😀 It’s first draft, completely unedited, and it’ll probably never be edited. It’s for fun, for amusement.

It’s an urban fantasy, I’m pantsing it so I can’t write you a blurb because I have no idea and that’s bloody marvelous! The protagonist is Skye a feline feral. Without further ado…

(This was originally posted to my writing blog chaosfoxwriting). 

The Shadow And The Thief


He was tall, dark, and brooding, how could I resist? His mouth was fixed in a stern line, and his dark eyes looked as though it had been years since a smile touched them. I arched my back a little, allowing the red silk to drop lower and reveal more pale skin. He may not have smiled in a few years, but he was still a man, and there weren’t many of those that could resist looking, at least for a second. I added a sway to my hips and a smirk to my lips as I approached him. His eyes dropped just as I had hoped, a quick flick downwards, it was all I needed. I’d slipped my hand into the inside of his coat and retrieved whatever hid in the pocket there before he’d finished his stride.

I’d been hoping for a wallet full of cash. Once I was safely around the corner and far out of sight I realised it was a card. Not a useful credit card, something closer to a tarot card. With a shrug I stuffed it safely into my pocket and carried on home, if he felt the need to keep it safe then there was some value to it. All I had to do was find the right buyer.

Someone had given a half-hearted attempt to following me for a block, their reflection shadowed mine in the large shop windows. I only had to take two quick turns to lose them, clearly they weren’t a professional or anything to concern myself with. My wards were still intact when I opened the simple looking black door to my building, it almost blended into the off-white wall, a simple affair given the neighbourhood. Exactly as I wanted it. The card niggled at me as I rode the elevator up to the top floor, it wasn’t a normal tarot card, it was an odd thing to keep safe. The familiar tingle of my protective sigils ran over my hands as I opened the red door to my apartment. I tossed my jacket onto the sofa and pulled out the card.

A narrow gold trim edged around the dark image that I couldn’t quite make out. I found myself cocking my head from side to side peering at it. The damn thing was like an oil slick, shifting and moving in the light but refusing to take on any sort of form that I could recognise. After a long moment I bit a corner, it seemed like a sensible thing to try. It tasted a little like basil but otherwise a normal card stock. Running my thumb over it produced a light vibration, something magical. I grinned, I was onto something.

The magic rippled and growled at me on a level that wasn’t entirely physical as I poked at it with my own magic. A giggle spilled from my mouth as I sat down and continued poking and prodding it, my more valuable acquisitions entirely forgotten in favour of the new toy.

The sun had long since set by the time I placed the card down on the small table and headed into the kitchen looking for some food. I hadn’t gained any new information on the damn thing, I’d tested it with a variety of sigils and runes to get nothing more than the frustrating growling. I’d growled back at it a few times and got nothing. My interest had waned, it wasn’t doing anything shiny or fun, so I went in search of better things. Unfortunately I was greeted by a nearly empty fridge with nothing more than a bottle of white wine, a bell pepper, and a small lump of cheese. A glance at the clock told me that takeaway was out of the question, they’d stopped delivering thirty minutes ago. Cheese it was.

Fortunately I’d taken a number of wallets full of cash, a couple of rather expensive watches, an even more expensive bracelet, and a dragon tooth, so I wasn’t short for money. Truth be told I could have lived in the lap of luxury for over a decade without a penny of income, but I enjoyed the thrill of thievery too much to give it up. It was a delightful little game, and I did so love games. I rolled my eyes at the dragon tooth as I passed it on my way to bed, they were worth a month’s rent, certainly not the sort of thing you just left in your jeans pocket. People deserved to have their property stolen when they were that foolish, I was improving their lives by teaching them a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget.




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